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Getting Started....

Post  poofdavie on Tue Jun 17, 2008 2:27 pm

So I just realized there was this link here. This is actually a good idea, in my opinion because with sending emails, there's always a chance that someone doesn't actually receive the email. So I think implementing this would be long as we dont have anything to attach Razz

but now the issue is making sure all the people in WT sign up for this forum and remember to check it...then educating the older folk on how to use this forum ..>.> is it worth the trouble of making an announcement next time...what do u guys think?

personally, i think checking a forum would be easier than email, esp if there's a section set out for it. and then leaders could title the subject line with the date of the worship set and that'd be awesome.

altho...using emails, if there's last minute changes is better, bc those that check email frequently..(as i try to do) will be able to be updated whereas last minute updates on a forum dont work so the question is why use forum, when email can do it? o.o...

is this worth a try? or should we just stick to our old email schbang? Question Question Question Question Question Question


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Re: Getting Started....

Post  muriel burk on Tue Jun 17, 2008 3:52 pm

well, i've been contemplating this topic myself...

i really do like having everything posted here so that we avoid having to keep current on eveyone's changing emails. plus, i think it forces team members to proactively look for worship sets and instructions. with training the 'older' generation, i think that if i could do it, most others could. as long as we keep it simple and not worry about putting any links and such. once we have our music library set up on our church website, eveyone can just go there and download chords without the leader having to attach them.

we should probably also have a code of ethic that sets need to be posted by Thurs. before that Sunday. that way, team members know to check by then, especially if practice is on friday or saturday.


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