A proposal.

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A proposal.

Post  Timothy Weng on Sat Jun 14, 2008 7:59 pm

I propose that an amendment be made to our "code of ethics."
And that is:
First of all, worship leaders, need to be somewhat active and involved in this forum or at least have an account created to make a post. With that being done, worship leaders then need to post their finalized set somewhere on this forum before Sunday and in the same manner, worship team members for the coming Sunday will check the forum for the finalized set and any changes made.
A new category-thing called "Worship Sets" should then be created.

That way, it's very clear to everybody what the finalized set. Also, this forum was made for the worship team and I feel that the worship leaders should be relatively involved.

For this week's set, there were too many e-mails with changes to the set, a lot of information added, and what-not, and eventually, I seemed to have gotten lost in all the e-mails sent to the point where I didn't clearly know the set for this Sunday until I had to retrace all the "RE's" to see and understand what was going on and why so many e-mails were being sent about the set.

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Re: A proposal.

Post  muriel burk on Sat Jun 14, 2008 9:41 pm

that's actually a really great idea. especially since email addresses change over time, which makes it hard for everyone to keep up with everyone's latest email addy, we will just have all team members come to one place to look for worship sets, updates, etc.

we still have several members who have not registered for the forum yet, so if we can encourage them to do so, that would be very helpful to transition towards using the forum for our nitty gritty activities. sunny

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