Prayer for our Dear Grace!!

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Prayer for our Dear Grace!!

Post  KenYao88 on Mon Sep 14, 2009 3:09 am

Repost from Davie's mail:

Here is the latest update from Dr. Yuan Chen:
I just came back from the hospital. I talked to Grace's Mother and nurse. Her mother said that her grandfather (mother side) died of similar condition. She wants to be hopeful but has a lot of fear. I saw her CT scan. It is very similar to Clara's location. The a mount of bleeding was large. Because of the location is in the vital center, surgery would not be feasible. She has an EVD placed to drain the blood from the brain ventricles to decompress the brain. Currently the bleeding seems slowing down and intracranial pressure is OK. She is on the ventilator and has some spontaneous breathing effort (which is very good). Her vital sign are relatively stable on two meds to maintain the blood pressure. But the next few days are very critical. Her night nurse is Chinese from Nanjing. ,.

I'd like to add the following items to the prayers'

1. Break the family curse.
2. Remove the fear from her mother's heart. Ask the LORD to comfort her and give her the strength to fight and the faith to win.
3. Stop the bleeding, heal and reconnect the damaged brain tissue and nerves.
4. Give her Drs. and RNs wisdom to make the most accurate diagnosis and the appropriate decisions.
5. Pray for her nurse, Hong, to become a Christian.

May our GOD has mercy on her!!


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