Worship - a gift to God

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Worship - a gift to God

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Of all the things God gives us, there is only one thing we can give back that ministers to Him. All the rest of the blessings He gives us ministers to us and through us to other people.

For instance, as we pray in tongues, God ministers edification to our human spirit through the Holy Spirit, revealing His divine plan and the mysteries of the Gospel. Through meditation on the Word, our capacity is increased for the faith that can only be produced in our spirits. And by speaking the Word in faith, we release the power of God into the trouble spots of our lives.

You see, all these divine blessings flow to you and through you for your benefit and for the benefit of others. Yet there is one blessing that flows from you to God to minister to Him, and that is your worship, especially your private worship. I'm talking about the kind of private worship where God literally changes your life as you give Him something He longs to receive from you: Your intimate fellowship with Him. This level of intimacy with the Heavenly Father can only come during private worship and through the new nature He has given you.

Now, if God had a weakness, I can tell you what it is: It's you! He is hopelessly in love with you! God created you for fellowship; He desires your fellowship more than you can even begin to imagine or conceive.

Therefore, you please God when you lift your face to Heaven and begin to minister to Him with your love in private worship. Most people's concept of worship is singing songs in a church service. This corporate form of worship is good, but I'm talking about the times when you get alone with God just to be in fellowship with Him. And out of the inner sanctuary of your heart, you tell Him how much you love Him and what He means to you. Private worship isn't a difficult or complicated process. It is simply the expression of your adoration to God.

You see, God's level of pleasure with your worship isn't determined by how much you dress up your statements with fancy words, it is determined by how much you mean what you are saying. Because, when you're worshiping Him,you're giving Him something He absolutely longs for. And I can guarantee you that your life will be absolutely changed in return. Your human spirit cannot remain in the Presence of God for any amount of time at all without having His tangible Presence manifest within you in such a measure that everyone around you knows it!

But what will God's manifested Presence in your life do to your trials? Will the trials stop coming? No, they won't stop coming. But the joy of being in close fellowship with the Lord will become your strength. And the trials will eventually dissolve like a tornado that dies as it camps right outside your doorstep!

Something profound happened in my own life after a remarkable season of private worship. I wondered if this experience with the manifest Presence of the Lord was common only to certain callings, but the Holy Spirit spoke to my spirit, saying, "No, this is for all My children."

I can remember when that new dimension of God's Presence in my life first showed up. Before it did, I would come into a service and have to stand there and work on my senses for awhile. I didn't understand how it all worked; I just knew that eventually God's anointing would come upon me. When it did, it would separate me from my senses and my carnality so God could flow through my spirit with the gifts of the Spirit.

Back then, God would sometimes have a struggle getting my carnal senses on the shelf. But once He got them there, the anointing would flow and people would be healed in the services.

Of course, my carnality and my natural senses would come back and meet me on the way home. And once that happened, I could hardly receive anything from God. On the other hand, when my senses were set aside long enough for God to flow through me, I was like a lion! The anointing made such a difference.

I know some preachers who take this "ride" between their own carnality and God's anointing to the extreme. They'll get up and move in the spiritual gifts during a service, but later on, if someone makes a little mistake behind the scenes, the preachers become enraged, throw their microphones, and stomp out the door! I've often wondered how God can use those kinds of people. Once I asked the Lord, "How can these preachers operate like that? How are You able to use people like that?"

The Lord responded, "If you haven't noticed, Son, I have a great shortage of people I can use. I have to use what I can get. And you might as well know that I use some of them way before they're spiritually mature."

God works on people until He can put their carnality on the shelf long enough to flow through them. However, that divine flow is usually short-lived because their carnality always comes back. That isn't the high walk God intends for us. He uses who He can, but I found out He measures spiritual maturity in people more by the fruit of the Spirit they walk in than by the demonstration of power.

Back when I was still on my own constant ride between carnality and the flow of God's anointing, I used to think I knew something about worship. Then God said to me, "You don't know anything at all about worship!"

I discovered what the Lord meant one day when I broke into a new level of worship and my spirit was suspended in His Presence for hours and hours. From that day on, God began to draw me into a dimension of fellowship with Him that I hadn't realized was possible.

Before this time, I didn't understand why Smith Wigglesworth used to say, "I never pray more than thirty minutes, but I never go thirty minutes without being in prayer." But I came to realize that Wigglesworth was saying, "My spirit is continually in divine communication with God."

You see, your spirit is the part of you that God works through. So when you reach a place of divine communication with Him, where your own carnality doesn't create a gap between you and everything He is, He is able to flow through your spirit freely. That's why Smith could see a lame man walking down the street on crutches and say, "Hey, you! How would you like the Lord Jesus Christ to heal you?"

"Well, what if He doesn't?"

"Then God is a liar!" Smith would retort. Then he'd lay hands on that man and God would heal him!

If you and your carnality were found in that situation, you wouldn't be out on the streets healing the sick. You'd probably be looking for a hole to crawl into!

So, after I broke into this new dimension of worship, someone said to me during one of our conferences, "Something is different at this conference. It's as if God's power is closer."

That person was right. I first noticed this "something different" showing up after a campmeeting service where I was ministering. The anointing had lifted, and I was recovering in the back room. As the pastor's wife sat next to me talking, she mentioned that she hadn't been able to bend her thumb in years. I reached over and grabbed her thumb, and God instantly healed it!

I knew the divine unction that had motivated me to take hold of that woman's thumb was different than I was used to; I could tell it came from a different place. It wasn't coming from the outside, as when God's anointing comes on me for a special purpose. God's power was flowing, but it was coming from the inside.

I also noticed that the flow of God's power coming from inside me to heal that woman's thumb was the same divine Presence that visited me whenever I broke through into that deeper worship. With the power of that Presence in operation, it wouldn't have mattered if eighteen devils were trying to distract me or twenty people were talking to me at once. God was as close as my next breath. I could touch Him in a moment of time. That was the difference of this Presence!

This is the walk that is available to every believer. Jesus said, And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; . . . they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover (Mark 16:17,18). When believers walk in this dimension of continual fellowship with the Lord, their churches will be filled!

As I held that woman's thumb, I just said, "Jesus." Suddenly she gasped and started bending her thumb up and down. She exclaimed, "Oh, my Lord, it works!"

A sixteen-year-old boy was standing nearby and saw what happened to the pastor's wife. This boy was born blind in one eye and had been in many prayer lines since he was born. When he saw the pastor's wife moving her thumb like it had never been stiff, he came over and got down on his knees in front of me.

I put my hand over his eyes and simply said, "In Jesus' Name." I could feel the life of God flow out of me into the boy. I removed my hand and said, "Now open your eyes."

When the boy opened his eyes, he was looking at me through both of them! He said excitedly, "Oh, my God, I can see!" He began to cry as he got up to go find his mom and dad and tell them what had happened. I could hear them out in the auditorium, screaming and jumping in celebration because of what God had done.

As I sat there listening, I prayed, "God, what's different about what just happened?"

Then the Lord spoke to my spirit, saying, "Son, don't you understand? Faith is the product of your spirit. Joy is the product of your spirit. The only part of you with which you can touch Me is with your spirit. Since you have elected to enter into fellowship with Me, I have entered into fellowship with you. Now you and I are walking together, and I'm a microsecond away from you."

During the first eighteen years of my ministry, I sometimes preached forty to forty-five times a month. I met myself coming and going in the nation's airports! I ran so hard and so long that I ended up exhausted. But let me tell you something: When I broke into true worship, I became more excited and stronger than ever. Even now, my lamp is burning brighter and brighter, and I'm more sold out to God by the minute!

I want you to experience what I am experiencing. I want you to walk in the reality of this continual, close fellowship with the Lord. I want you to become so hungry for this kind of intimate walk with your Heavenly Father that nothing will be able to stand in your way of attaining it. The truth is, I love to teach about worship as much as I love anything in this life because I know that as you hear the Word and receive instruction, you can make the decision to walk all the way into God! Next month I'll be teaching more on worship, exhorting on how you can trade in your weaknesses and carnality for God's strength.

I encourage you to yield yourself to God. Learn to stand in His Presence in true worship. Allow Him to pour out His glory and His very essence upon you in such great measure that from the moment you experience it, you will never be the same.

God wants to spend time with you, and He doesn't want to wait until you get to Heaven to do it. He wants to bless you while you're still on this earth! So don't wait until Heaven to get into God's Presence. If you'll let Him burn out the trash in your life, you'll begin to see Him for who He is. And I guarantee you this: As soon as your spiritual eyes are opened, you'll want to worship Him for all eternity!

Your friend and co-laborer,

Dave Roberson

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