For An-zhu-zhu, ppt format

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For An-zhu-zhu, ppt format

Post  sukikohana on Sat Jan 24, 2009 11:17 pm

Okay Andrew, here is Feifei's super OCD ppt format.

Always make your word bubble to the top of the ppt. Centered!!!

Spacing: 1.0
Slide layout: Blankslide, and yes it has to be blank slides because the formats will become funky if you change it to something changing it to the Chris's Orange-yellow/gray slide format for announcements.

Chinese Font: 超研澤中粗隸
Regular size: 44
Words (NOT NUMBERS!) in Parenthesis, such as "重復", "副歌", "兩次", etc... size: 30
Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Oh please, make sure those parenthesis are Chinese font parenthesis...yes there is an actual difference between Chinese and English font parenthesis.
(English) vs (中文) The shape and spacing are different.

English Font: Futura Md
Regular size: 36
Words (NOT NUMBERS!) in Parenthesis, such as "2x", "3x", etc... size: 32

Color: White

Background Characters "Jesus" and "耶穌
Usually, I just copy and paste the Master slides from the already down ones to the new ones but if you want to do them by hand, be my guest!
Chinese Font: 超研澤中粗隸
English Font: Vivaldi
Font size for both: 54, please make sure it is that size for all master slides...sometimes...they don't keep it the same for some reasons....
Color: Gray-25%

Of course, you can always be creative and design your own ppt layouts. But in case, you wanted to keep my design, this is the format.

Thank you!!! YOu are awesome, An-zhu-zhu!

Edit: I realized some songs' Chinese fonts are 44, instead they are 42...if you want to change them, that's fine. and I think My best friend's chorus is messed up...>.> sorry....


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